Lilla Bea

Lilla is working towards her MA in clinical and health psychology at the University of Pécs.

Bahtiyar Yıldız

Bahtiyar started his PhD studies at the University of Pécs in 2023 and is conducting his research at our lab. His research focuses on astraphobia and how it affects visual cognition towards related stimuli (thunderstorms, lighting, etc.). 

Katalin Bernát

Katalin carried out one of the mandatory research practices and is also preparing a work for the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations in our lab.

Orsolya Csabai

Orsolya worked at our lab during her BA years at the University of Pécs. She moved on to the University of Szeged to pursue her MA degree.

Edina Papp

Edina worked at our lab during her years of BA in Psychology at the University of Pécs. She took part in studies related to social anxiety. She is working on her MA in Clinical Psychology right now.

Szuhád Khalil

Szuhád assisted with a lot of experiments that were conducted at our lab and helped with numerous surveys as a research assistant during her years of BA studies.