Habituation towards medical related threatening content


In this study, we want to investigate the role of arousal in the processing of threatening content. We are using BII-related threatening pictures as distractor stimuli, with high and medium arousal. We also want to investigate the effect of exposure to relevant emotionally charged content on the exclusion of BII-related distractors.

Anna Aszódi

Anna was already a member of the lab when she was studying at the University of Pécs during her BA years. She has been involved in the Supernatural fears project for four years. She is currently pursuing her MA studies at BME and continues to assist in research.

Blanka Pál

I am in the final year of my BA and working towards continuing my Cognitive Psychology MA. My main interest is habituation, cognitive emotional regulation, and the factors that can influence our stress reactions. I find it interesting, how some aspects of our personality can change how we react to negative stimuli, and the different outcomes it can create. I am also working on research about the relationship between morbid curiosity and true crime, and their effect on attention and anxiety control.

Lilla Bea

Lilla is currently an MA student (clinical and health psychology) at the University of Pécs where she acquired her BA degree in 2022. She currently assists in a research project about supernatural fears.

Hanna Baranyai

Hanna is currently a first-year MA student (cognitive psychology) at the University of Pécs, where she acquired her BA degree in 2023. She assists with the ongoing supernatural fears research project. Her main interest includes the supernatural and different phobias, and also autism and ADHD in adults.

Bahtiyar Yıldız

Bahtiyar received his BA degree in psychological counselling at the Çukurova University and his MA degree at the University of Pécs with the degree of distinction. He started his PhD studies at the University of Pécs in 2023 and is conducting his research at our lab. His research focuses on astraphobia and how it affects visual cognition towards related stimuli (thunderstorms, lighting, etc.). He also considers including VR in later research.




Katalin Bernát

Katalin carried out one of the mandatory research practices and is also preparing a work for the National Conference of Scientific Students' Associations in our lab.