Diana graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University of Pécs in 2017 and earned her master's degree in Psychology in 2019. She is now working on her PhD. in experimental psychology. Her research interest lies in the field of cognitive psychology, more specifically in chemical and behavioural addictions, visual attention and threat perception. The main topics of her work so far have been the perception of evolutionary and modern threatening stimuli placed in different contexts, nicotine addiction and the question of why it might be harder for women to quit smoking, and the effects of digital media and problematic internet use. She plans to continue researching the topics of threat perception and digital media usage during her PhD years, mainly from the point of view of their effect on visual attention, using technologies such as eye-tracking and peripheral measuring devices.


Diana is currently working on her PhD thesis in our lab and at the Stiftung Universität Hildesheim (Germany).






Job title
Doctoral Candidate